The 72 Angels of Magick: Instant Access to the Angels of Power

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Author: Brand, Damon

Brand: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 203

Release Date: 12-02-2016

Details: Product Description Discover the secrets of angelic power. The angels are ready to listen and ready to work for you. All you have to do is ask in the right way. This book guides you beyond the disinformation and lies about magick and angels. If you are drawn to magick, this is as safe and effective as magick ever gets. It is your divine right to ask for angelic help, and as such, there is never any payback or backlash when you work with these angels. When you contact the angels listed in this book, you will have the power to dominate success and fortune, obtain what you wish, protect yourself, and stop enemies. These mighty angels can be contacted easily, instructed directly, and will gladly fulfill your desires. You don't need to believe anything or belong to any religion. You don't need to be pure or worthy. All you need is a strong desire for something to change in your world. If you have that desire, the angels will take you where you want to go. It is their purpose to give you the power to express the life you dream of living. Whether you are seeking fame, money, wisdom, healing or peace, the angelic powers can help you to improve your life in the ways that matter to you most. The angels in this book can help you to carry out difficult tasks, strengthen your will power, and increase your popularity. You can attract love, find harmony, increase fame, find strength, break through adversity, sleep well, heal yourself, and obtain clear thought. There are angelic powers that enable you to invent, discover new methods, improve your business, and find new supporters. You can increase the loyalty of friends and lovers, with the power to improve prosperity, win awards, write well, be stable, reduce anxiety, learn easily, understand in new ways, and dominate strong personalities. The angels can help you to excite new passion, discover more about yourself, and see the past, present, and future with clarity. They will protect, uncover truth, stop liars, inspire artists, and spread the word about your creative works. Debtors can be made to pay up. You can turn enemies into friends. Whether you are making deals, learning a trade, trying to pass exams or working to increase your income, these angels can bring the help you need. You will discover: A unique talisman that opens the gateway to angelic contact The Words of Power that establish an angelic connection Seventy-Two unique sigils for contacting angels Over two hundred angelic powers that can be used in thousands of ways Information on how to choose the right angel Methods for communicating directly with angels Ancient secrets for contacting angels that can't be found anywhere else And please note that everything in this book is correct and as intended. Some may claim that the letters used in the sigils are incorrect (because they don't match the pronunciation in an obvious way), but this is quite deliberate, and everything works when you actually put the magick into practice. The 72 Angels of Magick brings together the content of Magickal Angels and The Greater Magickal Angels. All the information is now included in one volume. If you're new to angel magick, everything you need for success is here. About the Author Damon Brand has published twelve best-selling titles, with well over a thousand five-star reviews. When he was twelve years old, Damon discovered that magick works. He became friends with other occultists and they formed a group working to explore the boundaries of the possible. There are seventeen members of The Gallery of Magick, and they have experimented with countless magickal ideas, always trying to get better results. Over several decades they have refined their methods to create magick that works.

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