The Book of Angels: Dreams, Signs, Meditation - The Hidden Secrets

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Author: Kaya

Brand: Universe/City Mikael (Ucm)

Edition: First

Binding: Paperback

Format: Illustrated

Number Of Pages: 392

Release Date: 01-07-2008

Details: Product Description Increasingly, the Traditional Study of Angels is being discussed as a philosophy for spiritual autonomy that will mark the decades to come. Distinguishing itself from books that merely pass through one's life, The Book of Angels, The Hidden Secrets, Dreams - Signs - Meditation by Kaya and Christiane Muller, transports us to the heart of the application of spiritual life and allows us to discover that Angels, usually represented as little children with wings, are in reality Fields of Consciousness that inhabit all of us. - This book is a major bestseller in the field of Angels and spirituality throughout the world- It helps you to develop your spiritual Autonomy- An indispensable tool for all those who wish to understand the meaning of dreams, signs and daily events- A unique collection of hundreds of personally experienced events and dream analyses- This book has already changed the lives of thousands of people... Are you ready ? Working with The Traditional Study of Angels is very simple. It is sufficient to repeat the name of an Angel, like a mantra, as often as possible, while meditating, walking, doing daily tasks, etc. When done on a daily basis, this recitation triggers teachings through dreams, signs and powerful expansions of consciousness that lead us to understand that, whatever name we use, God is in fact an immense Computer in which we live. The Book of Angels, The Hidden Secrets, Dreams - Signs - Meditation offers testimonials by those who practice this ancient path of Knowledge. It is an essential tool for all those who wish to understand in depth the meaning of dreams, signs and daily events. This book, a major bestseller in the field of spirituality throughout the world, is being discovered by more and more people every day and is presently being translated into several other languages. Positioning itself literally as an ageless classic, and in addition to having become a reference on Angels in many countries, this unique book is a collection of hundreds of personally experienced events and dream analyses. It allows us to discover what spiritual life is in its concrete application. If a person asks you for a book on Angels or on the interpretation of dreams and signs, this work is the most important reference you can suggest. Review When I reached 40, I thought I had already achieved all my dreams. I had a family, a home, and a job I enjoyed that allowed me to combine motherhood and a profession. I wondered what could possibly inspire me now. Well, I encountered the Angels and life has become a challenging, wonder-filled adventure where the bad moments, the nightmares, the falls from pride, the often shameful awakenings along with the surprising synchronicities, the awe inspiring dreams and visions and unexpected gifts turning up out of the blue lead to the knowledge that I am now empowered to cleanse my faults, purify my flaws, pay off some of my debts, transcend my distortions and develop pure qualities to rediscover my Divine self and to fulfill my purpose here on Earth. Detoxifying is not always very pleasant, but the benefits gained lead us to dreams beyond our imagination. As I approach 50, I can laugh at my 40 year-old self for I now have so many dreams itll take all this life for them to be fulfilled! To Kaya, Christiane and Kasara, the UCM team and all the volunteers, my sincerest and most heartfelt gratitude for your selfless devotion, inspiring generosity and pure love for the Divine. To all of you who decide to start working on yourselves with The Traditional Study of Angel, for those of you who start studying at the Universe/City Mikal, rest assured, you are about to embark on the most marvelous journey of discovery: discovery of yourself and discovery of the Divine Laws that govern the Universe and Knowledge of that perfect Cosmic Intelligence, the Divine Hierarchy, God Himself. --Preface by Blanaid Rensch About the Author KAYA & CHRISTIANE MULLER are Professors, Auth

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