The Magic of Me: A Kids' Spiritual Guide to Health and Happiness

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Author: Cummings, Becky

Brand: Boundless Movement

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 200

Release Date: 27-09-2018

Details: Empower, Inspire, Transform! Have you wondered how you will teach your children what is truly important for living their best lives? You want your children to be motivated, successful, and happy. You want the right words to help them navigate it all.  Friendships, Bullies, Self-love, Law of Attraction, Death, Healthy Eating Get ready to take the inspirational journey you’ve been waiting for with your tweens!  The Magic of Me is your kids’ handbook for living the greatest life! It contains thirty short chapters, each the perfect length to connect with your children for a bedtime read aloud or easy enough for independent reading. Beautifully written, each big topic is simplified with anecdotal stories and analogies that are relatable to kids. Every chapter ends with a journal page. These discussion questions and activities will open the door for conversations you didn’t know how to begin. You will experience the joy of learning together.  Now you can empower them to live to their fullest potential. This book is your game changer! A must-have for the children you love.  Reviews  Most understandable and engaging presentation of spiritual concepts I've ever found!!! This is a must have for all children to read. I've tried a few different spiritual books geared towards kids, but all end up being put down and never returned to again. Not this time! Not only does the author cover so many concepts that I try to share with my children (and grown ups in my life as well), but she does it in an engaging book with chapters just long enough to keep attention, filled with examples and analogies that make these ideas so easily understood. There are questions and exercises at the end of the chapters that make it so easy to discuss the topics presented and be sure we all really think about what each idea means to us and a way to share with each other. From the law of attraction to the power of now, so many basic and important concepts are described and shown with actual useful examples of how to apply to real life situations. The idea of your body being a car that you'll have for the entire time as you, so be very aware of how you treat it and take of it makes so much sense. Ideas and examples of how to love yourself, understand bullies, forgive, turn negative thoughts to positive and make good choices are just a few of the nuggets of wisdom this book offers up! Not only is it a great way to reinforce or introduce these ideas to children, but it is a great reminder to us grownups of how to live our best lives, as we came here to do, as well. I'm so grateful Becky Cummings was guided to create this book and I am so excited to discover what she creates next! This book is a family hit! This book provides a priceless opportunity for families to come together to discuss and reflect on those values often left unspoken. You can feel the author's passion for sharing these valuable life lessons with children through her writing of her own unique professional and personal life experiences in her journey towards health and happiness.By sharing this book with my children, we have begun opening up conversations that I did not always know how to begin for the first time. The chapters are concise and filled with relatable analogies that kids (and adults alike) can connect with and aids them in their understanding of complex topics. My children and I really enjoy the journal pages and reflective questions posed at the end of each chapter. I recommend this book to anyone looking to begin taking positive steps towards improving their health and happiness and those of their loved ones! I look forward to reading more from this inspirational author.

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