The Naked Voice: Transform Your Life through the Power of Sound

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Author: Goodchild, Chloe

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 304

Release Date: 05-05-2015

Details: Product Description Both science and spirituality agree that every particle of matter, every phenomenon we experience, is a form of resonance or vibration. The human voice is quite literally a mouthpiece of this truth; there is no form of expression more personal, more tied to our identities, than our voices. With simple inspirational exercises, this book by renowned voice teacher Chloe Goodchild gives readers the tools to guide them in a process of sound healing and soul communication that is guaranteed to open the heart and restore forgiveness, compassion, and interconnectedness between individuals and in their communities.  At the heart of every human journey exists the longing to feel at home in one's self and in the world. In a unique response to meet this longing, Chloe Goodchild invites you on a compelling adventure of self-discovery and creative fulfillment through a direct experience of your own authentic voice--the voice of your personal authority, the song of your soul. Going beyond traditional vocal training guides, this book will appeal to anyone wishing to encounter themselves at a primal level through the medium of the voice. Review “Chloë’s subtle voice work opens the heart. She is a spectacular genius of this teaching art. She is at the core of a fascinating phenomenon that is allowing individuals to find their truth and freedom through the creative process of voice and sound.” — Coleman Barks, author of Rumi: Soul Fury “Chloë has perfected a unique and empowering vocal technique accessible to everyone. In all my research with nonviolent and creative communication skills, I have never experienced this ability to effortlessly generate such a range and depth of human feeling and expression with such spontaneity, courage, and compassion. Chloë is dedicated to recovering the wisdom of the human spirit, in a way that is profound and unique for our times.” — Scilla Elworthy, PhD, Niwano Peace Prize Winner and Nobel Peace Prize nominee, author of Pioneering the Possible “Chloë Goodchild has a voice of mesmerizing purity. She possesses one of the freest spirits I have seen on stage.” — Juliet Stevenson, actor “Chloë Goodchild’s teaching has opened up my true voice for theatre.” — Jerry Hall, actor and model “Chloë Goodchild has written a book that is a major contribution to our understanding of the power of sound and music. From her personal experiences as a singer to the many decades she has worked to empower people through their voices, she has discovered the deep truths inherent in coming into our true, authentic voice and nurturing our souls. This book is a must-read for sound healers, music therapists, physicians, and therapists. It is an astonishing accomplishment.” — Barbara J. Crowe, board-certified music therapist, Arizona State University director of music therapy, and author of Music and Soulmaking: Toward a New Theory of Music Therapy “Chloë’s work is joyful and a source of liberation. Singing with Chloë is a way of returning to original mind. She shows us how to find our authentic voice. It is the voice we need to sing out from and save this dazzlingly beautiful world.” — China Galland, author of The Bond between Women and Love Cemetery “Chloë Goodchild’s clarity of tone—both in her music and in her book—penetrates to the bone. I revel in both her songs and words, especially when she surrenders to the mystery of devotion. In the West we usually shy away from pure devotion, often for legitimate reasons. But Chloë evokes the open, trembling, courageous heart of devotion that more deeply invites us into the danger of living. I celebrate and recommend her work.” — Gangaji, spiritual teacher and author of Hidden Treasure: Uncovering the Truth in Your Life Story “Chloë Goodchild’s music is a new force for peace.” — Ben Okri, author of The Famished Road “Out of nowhere, Chloë Goodchild’s naked voice, soaring with a range that one would have believed impossible.” — The Times Literary Supplem

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