The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Meanings

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Author: Esselmont, Brigit

Edition: First

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 436

Release Date: 10-04-2017

Details: Product Description The 3rd Edition of The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Meanings has arrived! Finally! Here's a fresh, modern, and practical guide to the meanings of the Tarot cards that makes reading Tarot as easy as reading your favourite magazine! Brigit Esselmont, Founder of Biddy Tarot (the #1 Tarot card meanings website), shares her most comprehensive guide to the Tarot cards yet! Inside The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Meanings, you'll find upright and reversed Tarot card meanings for every card, interpretations for everyday situations from relationships to career, finances and well-being, journaling prompts, keyword charts, and so much more. Why waste time and money on outdated and confusing Tarot books when you can get the most relevant, modern and useful guide to Tarot card meanings you’ll ever need? It’s all here for you in The 3rd edition of The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Meanings. From the Author Become Part of The Modern Tarot Movement   All around you, people are looking for ways to create a more connected, fulfilled and conscious life. And you have one of the most powerful tools for intuitive connection at your fingertips.   Tarot is no longer just a party trick to predict the future. Modern Tarot has taken a big step away from the crushed velvet and crystal ball vibes of the past.    The true value of Tarot is finally coming to light. More and more empowered Tarot readers are sharing the real gift of Tarot - a cutting-edge path to a deeper connection with the Higher Self. Unlock the Wisdom of the Tarot and Thrive  These days, people are no longer accepting a mediocre life. It's not enough to plod through the day, accepting the status quo and being controlled by others.   Now is the time look inside for the answers. Modern soul-seekers are looking to tools like meditation, yoga and Tarot to trust their inner wisdom and manifest their fullest potential.   Are you ready to join them?   About the Author Brigit Esselmont is known worldwide as a professional Tarot reader & teacher, bestselling author (Everyday Tarot and The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Meanings), intuitive business coach and spiritual entrepreneur. She is the Founder of Biddy Tarot ( and inspires over seven million people each year to live more mindful and enlightened lives, using the Tarot as a guide. A self-confessed Tarot lover, Brigit can't help but spread the love to other Tarot enthusiasts. She is the author of two popular Tarot guides and has taught over 3500 students to read Tarot with confidence. Brigit is also a successful intuitive entrepreneur and business coach, helping heart-centered professionals build their own business empires that are aligned with their soul purpose. Brigit believes anyone can read Tarot. She doesn't own a crystal ball nor a crushed velvet dress. She's simply a down-to-earth, practical Taurus who likes to use the Tarot cards in every day life. When she's not reading Tarot, Brigit loves spending time with her two daughters and husband on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

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