TIGER REIKI - Powerful Energy #108

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Tiger Reiki was initially channeled by Korey Long. The initial energy

was used by “intent” only (no symbols or manual). The system has recently been expanded  to include the symbols and other practices.

According to the founder, Tiger Reiki “helps to balance those who

work with it as well as those receiving it. It is excellent in use for

meditation and adds a sense of ‘aggressiveness’ in working to heal

via this energy. Even with this admission, it also is a very soothing

energy as well.”

Tiger Reiki is a powerful energy, not just through it’s connection

with the tiger but its symbolism. The tiger has an important place in

the mythology of many world religions and regions.

Buddhists, for example, consider the tiger to be a symbol of spiritual

illumination, due to the tiger’s keen ability to see in the dark. An

image of a tiger walking through a bamboo forest represents the

human soul, which is strengthened by faith as it struggles through the

Forest of Sin.

In Chinese mythology and symbolism, the tiger is the King of the

Beasts. Five tigers serve to guard the universe against the forces of chaos.

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