Violet Flame: Alchemy for Personal Change

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Author: Prophet, Elizabeth Clare

Edition: 1

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 256

Release Date: 07-05-2017

Details: Product Description Violet Flame: Alchemy for Personal Change unlocks the mysteries of the violet flame, a high-frequency light that you can use to change your life and the world around you. Experienced by mystics and known to spiritual teachers East and West, the violet flame dissolves negative energy and restores it to positive energy. Chapter by chapter, you’ll explore exactly how the violet flame works and learn practical techniques for using it to free the unlimited power that exists within you right now to resolve everyday problems. Includes techniques of visualization along with mantras, prayers, and affirmations to call forth the energy of the violet flame to transform every aspect of your life. About the Author Elizabeth Clare Prophet is a world-renowned author, spiritual teacher, and pioneer in practical spirituality. Her groundbreaking books have been published in more than thirty languages and over three million copies have been sold worldwide.

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Languages: English