Violet Flame Orgone Pendant Orgonite Goddess Crystals Necklace with Crystal Beaded Necklace EMF Protection Healing Jewelry For Love, Communication and Beauty

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Brand: Violet Flame Orgone

Color: Blue

Details: A healing crystals orgone necklace to balance the Heart Chakra and harmonize your vibration with the frequency of Universal Love. This Violet Flame Orgone pendant is handmade to protect your EMF and create space for growth in your life.

A Madagascar Quartz Point rests in the middle of this orgonite pendant, surrounded by pieces of rose quartz, pink tourmaline, aventurine, rainbow moonstone, chrysocolla and ajoite. Quartz magnifies the healing potential of this orgone generator pendant and amplifies the energy of the healing crystals. Rose Quartz is know as the stone of "unconditional love," it works to gently open the heart to love of self, family, friends and romance. Pink tourmaline is my favorite heart chakra crystal, it sends a signal of love to the Self and all those in your field. I added Rainbow Moonstone to call on the power of the Goddess. Chrysocolla and ajoite connect to the wisdom of the Goddess and supports you in developing a strong Throat Chakra.

In the base of this Orgone pendant are layers of copper and white gold to activate the orgone energy generator healing matrix!

Orgone jewelry helps to align our energetic body with healing orgone. The layers of metal and resin with carefully selected crystals aid in a variety of physical, emotional and Spiritual imbalances resulting from our current environment. Every piece of Violet Flame Orgone jewelry is hand crafted with love and intended for the Highest Good of All.

measures: 1.75" tall, 1.25" across at the widest point and .25" deep

comes with either a hand woven and beaded blue necklace with amazonite and rose quartz, or a black, purple or green 19" leather necklace, with copper findings, please specify your preference when placing your order.

please note Every Violet Flame Orgone creation is hand made and therefore one of a kind. The images above accurately portray the size, aesthetics and energy of the pendant; however, you will receive a unique creation intended for you.